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Why Wherr Ye Fae?

Why name the blog WherrYeFae?

I was made in Scotland and by the time I was 9 had lived in 3 continents (UK, Africa and Australia).

I feel like I have seen a lot of the world.

I once asked a flat mate of mine who was 26, born and bred in Australia, if he had been overseas – he said, quite seriously “No, but I have been to the airport”.  So compared to some I have traveled, compared to others I haven’t.

No matter where you go people always ask “where are you from?” or if you are in Scotland – “WherrYeFae?”

Given this is a family blog and not a personal blog (there is a hint here husband if you are reading!) the origin of the web site name also fitted quite well with our Scottish surname.

And the WherrYeFae Blog was born.


What Can You Expect fromWherrYeFae?

At this stage I am unsure.  We have all these grand plans to renovate the campervan and have spent a great deal of time searching for renovated campervans – surely someone else gets the hebbie jebbies from the timber vinyl as much as me?

So there may be a whole section on us giving the campervan a good make over or…there may not…

We have plans to blog about our trips mainly for ourselves but if you find it interesting you are welcome to come along for the ride.


The Future

2017 will see us taking a family gap year and spending it going around Europe with WherrYeFae being used to record the memories.  Having spent 20 years in the IT industry I think of this blog as online scrap booking.


So…WherrYeFae?  – We are from Perth, Western Australia.   WherrYeFae?